The Longest World Tiramisù

Uova Pascolo as joined the Guinnes World Record for the Longest World Tiramisù.

3.000 were the eggs needed to prepare 266 meters of great tiramisù. A world record! A “titanical” challenge that a team of pastry chef and other volunteers has archived right into the homeland of the “most knowed” italian dessert. More than 30 pastry chefs and 420 trays of Tiramisù have been assembled together and placed one right by another oer a long table in the hall of the Tiare mall in Villesse (GO), surrounded by the cheer of hundreds of fans. The goal of the “Official Attempt” – with official certification of the Guinness World Record umpires – was to beat the length of 200 meters and so make its way into history: a goal fully reached. To the realization of the desert -has explained Mirko Ricci, the organizer of the record and the promoter of this event – 400 Kg of mascarpone cheese, 200 Kg of sugar, 3000 eggs and 47 liters of marsala wine have been used. A result that will stay in the book for a long time.


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