Our chickens
Are free to scratch
They are raised with freedom to access to 72.000 m² of medical grass and officilnal plants, where their instinct will make them choose what they are in need. For their shelter we have restructured old abandoned stalls, because we care about not weighting the territory with further constructions.
Eat only Organic feedings
Since the first day they are fed only with cereals from Organic Agriculture of the best quality, the old formulations are maintained and avoided the use of by-products offering the feeding in all the whole quantity needed.
Listen to classic music
During the day they are cuddled with the sound of the classical Venetian Baroque music, selected for offering them an enviable harmonic effect, following the fundamental for which the quality of the living is influenced by the informations that the senses perceive.
Drink only purified water
The water is essential for their diet too and it’s purified through a Vitalizazion system according to the Grander method: a technology that founds itself upon the concept for which water is bearer of benefits.
Are treated with homeopathy
To maintain our animals healthy, if necessary, we exclusively resorts to homeopaths cares, avoiding harmful antibiotics, colorings or other chemical components, performing only the vaccinations required by law.
Live with green energy
Thanks to the use of recyclable packagings the firm only produces 6 Kg of dry refusal a year, besides thanks to the 120 Kw of photovoltaics panels that we have arranged we produce a lot of more electric energy that we consume.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia, our land for excellence, homeland of great wines and famous for the Prosciutto of San Daniele.
It’s here that we found our roots, in a land full of traditions and flavours, with a good ventilation and with its rural landscape that acts as a frame.

Classic music helps concentration and rest and not only human receive benefit from it, but plants and animals too. Studies shows that cows that listen to classical music produce the best milk and the same goes for hens's eggs. Communication travels on frequency waves, as mentioned in the quantum physics, and precisely at 432 Hz.


Music played at this frequency is perceived in a more physiological way by the ear and the brain of man and animals because it’s linked to the DNA, to the the brain and to the heart and it’s connected to the cosmic vibration and to the light.

Composition and
origin of the feeding

Corn 50%
Soybean 14%
Sunflower 16%
Wheat bran 7%
Alfalfa 2%

Feeding produced in Cuneo (Italy)
Nature is not a place to visit.
It's our home.
Gary Snyder