The Camelina Sativa

What is Camelina Sativa? Let’s discover this new feature that we’ve recently enrich our feedings with. It’s a plant known from the ancient times for its proprieties, the seeds are rich of polyunsaturated fats, the good fats, which have the 45% of Omega 3 inside and they’re rich of Vitamin E. Studies demostrate that the … Continued

A special interview with Sebastiano Pascolo

At the microphones of Radio Canale Italia, Sebastiano Pascolo tells the history of the Uova Pascolo company and its origins, when twenty years ago his father, Sergio, has been the first in Italy to create a new method of organic breeding, founded on ethics respect and enhancement of natural resources. Sebastiano also highlights other main characteristics … Continued

Sebastiano Pascolo ai microfoni di Radio Canale Italia

Ai microfoni di Radio Canale Italia, Sebastiano Pascolo racconta la storia dell’azienda Uova Pascolo e le sue origini, quando vent’anni fa suo padre, Sergio, fu il primo in Italia a creare un nuovo metodo di allevamento biologico, fondato su un’etica di rispetto e valorizzazione delle risorse naturali. Sebastiano sottolinea inoltre altri importanti caratteristiche dell’attività di … Continued

Uova Pascolo at Unomattina Estate

We are really proud to have been contacted by the Rai Uno editorial staff that has prosed us a live coverage of our farms inside a special series of Unomattina Estate, a popular Italian Tv program. The main characters were our chickens that, curiosed of the cameras, moved closer to the television troupe for a … Continued

In the Gambero Rosso chart of the best Italian eggs

What a surprise to be inserted in the Gambero Rosso chart of the 8 best chicken eggs! An exellent result, thanks toa perfect team work. Here is how our egg is described in the article inside the magazine: “ the yolk of an encouraging gold yellow and the compact and thick egg white make its … Continued

In the Far East

A long time ago we stared to export our eggs in Asia, where they are noticed and selled in the shelf of food boutiques in Hong Kong, Shangai and Taipei. With surprise we acknowledge to have raised the oriental interest once again, as a journalist from taiwan, in an european trip looking for a good … Continued

The Longest World Tiramisù

Uova Pascolo as joined the Guinnes World Record for the Longest World Tiramisù. 3.000 were the eggs needed to prepare 266 meters of great tiramisù. A world record! A “titanical” challenge that a team of pastry chef and other volunteers has archived right into the homeland of the “most knowed” italian dessert. More than 30 … Continued