In the Far East

A long time ago we stared to export our eggs in Asia, where they are noticed and selled in the shelf of food boutiques in Hong Kong, Shangai and Taipei. With surprise we acknowledge to have raised the oriental interest once again, as a journalist from taiwan, in an european trip looking for a good story knocks at our door.


We quickly open our doors of our farm to let her know how are chicken live. So Zheng Jiey writes her article, published on the website News&Market specialized in food and agricoulture. The article starts talking about a negative scenary, the one of the poultry farming of her country, where the intensive breeding that has produced big diseases such avian flu, dioxin and fentanil. Sheng writes: “the growing is necessary.. But what is the key of the changing? How to balance the nutrition, the wellness of the animals, the environment protection and the income of this branch, making the farms and the customer win?” We talked about this and many more in this article, written in ideograms, but with a simple language, that make us realize that even if there is a big territorial distance between us, our words are not so far away.

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