The nutritional qualities for 100 gr. of egg
without shell are:

Energetic Value

Kcal 128

even as Kj 536


gr 12,4


gr 0,5


gr 8,2

Vitamin A

µg 225

even as 28% of the daily needs

Vitamin E

µg 1,6

even as 16% of the daily needs

Vitamin B12

µg 0,88

even as 88% of the daily needs

Here is why our raising methods and our product is better

The chickens are raised on the ground, with freedom to access at a grassland of medical plants and officinal herbs, where their instinct will allows them to choose what is the best for them, in that moment, for their wellness.

All the cereals utilized for the feeding of the animals come from Organic Agriculture, we do not use by-products and we do not ration the provisions, leaving every chicken the possibility to choose, for its alimentation, the best quality feeding and in all the quantity needed.

All of us, and so our chickens, are made of about 75% of water, at this purpose we thought that it would have been deserved to reserve a special attention also to the water utilized in the alimentation: indeed all the water used is being depurated by a Vitalization implant under the Grander methods, a technology based in the transmission of the informations.
Nothing is given or taken from the water. The singularity is in the fact that the water Vitalized by this method acquires proprieties that in nature only a few water posses: a particularly strong structure in formed into the water making it resistant at the external agents, and so raising the quality of it.

Seen the freedom of choice that the chickens benefit, not just with the movement but also with what they eat, we will have a lot of difference in the colors of the egg-shells. Another difference is found in the coloration of the yolk, that it is influenced from the quality of the little leaves of fresh herbs that every single animal prefers to eat in the outdoor grassland.

Antibiotics, vaccines, supplements or synthesis colorants are not given to the chickens; the eventual cures are made by the use of plant's infusions. We work a lot in prevention, indeed we think that an animal that has been correctly fed, with healthy products, free to move in proper spaces, hardly gets sick.

Little details, is what differentiates us from every other eggs. For example, did you know that we've been one of the first realities to introduce classical music inside our production facilities ? Find out more about all our detail down here.

Organic from the birth


In our Organic model of raising only the vaccines required by law are made, the chicks are fed with organic feedings from the birth and they don't suffer pharmaceutical cures.


The chicks designated to the conventional raising could be freely vaccinated and submitted to pharmaceutical cures; they are not raised Organic feedings and frequently they never see the sunlight.



In our farm the chicks are fed just with the Organic feedings of the best quality from the birth.


Cause to the high costs of the corn it is frequent that the conventional farms use by-products. The feeding are made by cereals and legumes that often comes from OGM cultures.



Here the chickens have the free access to grasslands of medical plats,pecking as needed and n the open air. Inside the buildings there are a maximum of 6 animals for square meter.


In the intensive raising the density of the chickens could reach the 22 animals per square meter, every contact with the external world for them is not permitted.



The chickens drink only "vitalized" water, microbiologically better: the same that a lot of people choose for their homes.


Normal water is given to the chickens and in it all the pharmaceutical treatments are putted.

Vitamin D


Benefiting from the sunlight, the animals synthesize more Vitamin D, good for the absorption of the calcium: the more healthy are the hens, the better is the egg.


The animals conduce an indoor life and ofter the natural rhythms are changed with artificial lights.

Omega 3


Our eggs are rich of Omega-3 because we guarantee the access to natural sources of this precious essential fat acids to our chickens.


Not being able to reach the outside grasslands, the chickens are not allowed to receive any nutritional value that would be found in the natural medical herbs.



A healthy environment, a natural alimentation, daily controls of the chickens: this is prevention. For the treatments we only choose homeopathic cures.


The raising and the production of the animals could be stimulated with feeding and medicine. The lifestyle of the chickens in closed and crowded environments is caused of sickness, that are treated with antibiotics.



In our farms the chickens are provided with a grassland of over 72 thousand square meters and at night they refuge themselves into the farms, free of cages, where the light is turned of to letting them rest.


The intensive raised chickens deal with the consequences of a life far from their natural rhythms. They live in narrow spaces and with rare oxygen, that influences with the health of the animals.

Music Therapy


Who doesn't appreciate classical music? Our chickens listen to it every day and they benefit from the therapeutical effects of the seven notes.


The chickens are maintained is stressful condition inside the warehouses, constantly being forced to ear the noise from the machineries and without the possibility to ear the silence of the external nature.

The farm


Our Chickens live into no longer used stables, buried in the green, renewed and adapted at their needs: because they offer a proper natural ventilation and they do not weight the territory with other establishments.


Often the chickens are raised in actual huge industrial warehouses, where there is no sufficient oxygen to allow the animals to have a proper life.

The Energy


The electric energy used in our buildings is produces by the 120 Kw of photovoltaic panels that the company have available: the organic agriculture respects the environment.


Here instead no energy-saving politic is made, always using more automatized production methods and so more energetically expensive.