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When the high quality is linked to the territory

Uova Pascolo is the result of a personal challenge, to be able to give something back to this land that has always gave a lot back to us. The idea was to crate a reference point for our product in our surrounding areas but soon we realize that in life you shall not set limits to yourself: the success of this brand is proven by being present on the shelfs of Hong Kong, in China!

From the very first day a guarantee for the whole Italy

Antichi Contadini is a historical brand for the organic agricoulture, born to bring to the tables of the italian people a product that is fresh, natural and that people can trust. Present from day 1 of our company in almost 400 retailers of the EcorNaturaSì group, is one of the top brans for the specialized organic distribution chains and, for us then, reason of pride.

Always fresh, on your table in 24 hours

About 90% of the eggs are layed in the morning. An employee checks them and selects each egg one by one. In the afternoon the eggs are marked, boxed and are ready to be delivered. In about 24-36 hours our products are already available in the shelfs of many stores.

When the effort is translated in good routines and great results!

Good, fresh, ecological; you can see it, you can taste it. The quality of the Uova Pascolo is the result of many company's choices, the outcome of an effort that brings to your table a product that you can trust. The eggs is a versatile and nutritious food. You can appreciate the characteristics by seeing the shell, of the variable color, the albumen, thick and viscous, and the intese-yellow yolk, rounded and solid.