Domestic, historical, but with a look at the future.

Since its first steps the company has been characterize by its innovation, in 1997 there were no other company specialized id this brach, so its founder, Sergio Pascolo, has been forced to spend a period of time in Austria to learn the techniques of the organic agriculture. From that time the futuristic vision of the company has never stopped taking it to a constant evolution in the production techniques. The success of our ideas has today permitted us to focus our attention to the details, this has allowed us to differentiate us in a solid way from all our competitors and also permits us to offer to the customers a unique product with a proven quality.

Today we are able to declare with pride that we are between the few pioneering companies of the Organic Agriculture in Italy, recognized as a role model from a lot of new companies that are just now starting their business in this sector.

The future does not scare. But we know that in this world we you could never afford to stop. The entering in the company by Sebastiano Pascolo, son of Sergio, is for the company a new start and represent a continuity in this project.

In the next years the goal is to continue the research and the innovation, differentiate us and be tied to the environment but at the same time bringing also to the foreign markets what at the beginning seemed to be just one of the many visionary ideas.


We show care for our area, the mark MADE IN FRIULI is a tribute to our region, in Italy, the Friuli.


All our egg production is in compliance to the Organic Agriculture rules, and it is certified by I.C.E.A. (Institute for the Ethical and Environmental Certification).


In 2000 we were honored by the Chamber of Commerce of Udine with the "Work and Economic Progress Award" as the Best Alternative Company.


In 2014 we have been awarded by Coldiretti for being one of the very few food companies that export their products till Hong Kong, in China!

We have created a role model of small and high quality farms

The research to improve and to make a sense in what i'm doing is the permanent feature of my life. This study of the new, of the unspoken, is to an incitement to create, understand ad comprehend the initial "Do" of this company and here i have never stopped to learn. In one of our eggs there is much more of what it seems.

Sergio Pascolo, founder

The only limits that exist are the ones that we set to ourselves

To bring creativity and innovation, to learn and to get what the company has been prior of me is the goals that i set to myself every day. But aware that many new pages of this story waits to be written. Because there's nothing like a challenge that makes come out what the best there's inside of us.

Sebastiano Pascolo